Thursday, April 16, 2009

Archbishop Dolan's Installation Mass

Archbishop DolanPhoto courtesy of Thomas of American Papist

I watched most of the installation Mass yesterday afternoon on EWTN...where else? It was thrilling to watch the beauty that is our Catholic Church during this newsworthy event.

Archbishop Dolan is certainly a people-person/bishop. He seemed genuinely happy to be in New York and the warmth he greeted everyone was returned to him as well.

One highlight that I enjoyed was the following quote in his homily:
. . . the Resurrection goes on, as His Church continues to embrace and protect the dignity of every human person, the sanctity of human life, from the tiny baby in the womb to the last moment of natural passing into eternal life. As the Servant of God Terrence Cardinal Cooke wrote, "Human life is no less sacred or worthy of respect because it is tiny, pre-born, poor, sick, fragile, or handicapped."

Yes, the Church is a loving mother who has a zest for life and serves life everywhere, but she can become a protective "mamma bear" when the life of her innocent, helpless cubs is threatened. [Bold added by me]
Don't mess with our Church!

Doesn't that quote make you proud to be Catholic?

You can read the entire homily here

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Aussie Therese said...

Our new Bishop will have an installation Mass on the 10th of June. I am looking forward to taking our children down to it.