Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feast Day - St. Catherine of Siena

St. Catherine of Siena

Prayer of St. Catherine of Siena

O God,
how inestimable and most sweet is the union
You have effected with human beings!
You have splendidly shown Your ineffable Love
through many graces and benefits heaped on creatures, and
especially through the benefit of the Incarnation of your Son; that is,
the grace of seeing the Highest One come down to the lowest-
which is our humanity.

Rightly should human pride be abashed on seeing God
so abashed in the womb of the Virgin Mary,
who was that sweet field in which was sown the seed of the Word Incarnate,
the Son of God.
Truly, most dear Father,
in this blessed and sweet field of Mary
God grafted this Word in her flesh
like the seed that is cast on the ground,
which by virtue of the sun’s heat germinates and
brings forth flowers and fruits,
while the pod remains in the earth.

This is what God truly did,
by virtue of the heat and
the fire of the Divine Love that He had for the human race,
casting the seed of His Word in the field of Mary.
O blessed and dear Mary,
you have given us the flower of the sweet Jesus.

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