Friday, March 06, 2009

Giving Christians a Bad Name in Hawaii

From the Honolulu Star Bulletin - Born Again Christians in Ruckus
A mainland group of born-again Christians shouted a message of hellfire for homosexuals and others for five hours yesterday as University of Hawaii students shouted back.

The group called it "preaching," but their finger-pointing, name-calling and condemnation angered even Christians at the open-air Campus Center steps on the UH-Manoa campus.

"They started making personal attacks on people's culture," said Ann Clarke, 18. One of the "preachers" told a Korean student that he is going to hell for his Buddhist beliefs and told Hawaiians they are going to hell because they worship false gods and believe in witchcraft, she said.
Whoa! I am shocked! How dare this group come to the Aloha state and openly condemn students like that! They even have to audacity to call themselves Christians!

I've not heard of the BEMA ministries so I googled them.

I found the following on their About Us page:
We love people, and want to encourage everyone, everywhere to consider their heart and standing before God. The Bible says in Hebrews 9:27 "As it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment."

This life can be very deceptive, in that one can think it goes on forever and ever. We try to bring the reality of life back into focus, and encourage all to consider where they will spend eternity: Heaven or Hell!
It is very disturbing that a mainland group like this would dare to come all the way to Hawaii, speak as Christians and judge the University of Hawaii students to be "Sodomites", "whores", "sinners" as well as condemning some to Hell . If Jesus was their in the midst, guess who he would be strongly rebuking... and you can bet it wouldn't be the students.

Message to the BEMA group, if you truly want to save souls, start by setting a good example and praying for them.

The people in Hawaii are fighting very hard to protect traditional marriage in Hawaii as same-sex marriage via a civil unions's bill lurks nearby. We don't need outsiders coming here to undo all our efforts by sullying our reputations as Christians or as conservatives.


Rita said...

What on earth goes through the minds of these people? Amazing!

GrandmaK said...

Perhaps they should read their mission statement again...something is missing! LOVE! Cathy

catholicandgop said...

We had the Westboro Baptist Church come to my school last weekend to protest, I was going to blog about it, I just haven't had a chance yet.

Esther said...

Who knows Rita???

Cathy, you are right.

Sunny, I know who they are!