Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Warning About The End of the World Warning

Have any of you received a phone call warning to prepare yourselves for a coming catastrophe?

My mom did. She received it from a follower of one Mary Jane Even. My mom was told to cash in all her retirement monies and savings, to buy canned food and water, etc.

My mom then read me a letter she had received a few years ago from this same woman, warning to ready when my mom received the warning. This letter ended with the words which I will paraphrase for you: John Paul II is alive and living in Poland. Beware of the anti-pope. It was the last part of the warning that made my mom doubt the authenticity of the message and bring it to my attention.

Apparently, many people have been frightened and worried because of this recent warning. To them I repeat the comforting words of Pope John Paul II ..."Be Not Afraid" and of St. Padre Pio..."Pray, Hope and Don't Worry"....

James Mary Evans has two posts regarding Ms. Even's prophecies and dire warnings:

Warning on the Warning: Prophecies of Mary Jan Even at St. Patrick of the Forest Catholic Cave Junction, Oregon
May heaven help us all: Warning on “The Great Warning” II: May Heaven Help us All: Warning on the "The Great Warning" which I suggest you read.

Only God knows when the world will end and it goes without saying that we should be prepared....spiritually that is, for when He calls us home.


Mimi said...

That's what I've always thought about those types of things, God knows the timing, and only God knows.

Marie said...

This is an excllent point Esther and we need to follow Scripture and the Catholic Church.

I remember in 1999 there was a spurious attempt to muddy the prophecies of St. John Bosco when a 'holy card' was sent around stating that the end of the world was 2000. I know a couple who sold their home(at a loss) and removed all their money from the bank, bought a caravan and hid their money in a suitcase, and were then headed for the outback. When I asked them if they truly believed it was the 'end of the world' then what good is money to them? Would they need to PAY their way to Heaven?

There was such a feeling of hysteria and I said humorously to my friends that on New Years Eve at 1 minute past midnight I would phone them and whisper, 'we're still here, does that mean we're the 'left behind bunch';) lol.

We need to TRUST in God and Holy Church and gain some common sense:).

Peace and much love to you my friend,

Marie xooxoxoxox

Esther said...

Mimi, yes, and He is wise in not letting us know ahead of time.

Oh no Marie!!! That's terrible. The writer of the original post is worried about the seniors who will take this message seriously and do something like that. Any suggestions to him would be appreciated.