Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blessings of things designated for ordinary use

Christ's Blessing

Many blessings can be found at the following link, such as the blessing of bread and pastries, blessing of any kind of medicine, blessing of beer, blessing of cheese and butter, blessing of salt or oats for animal, blessing of fire, blessing of linen for the sick, blessing of stretcher, ambulance or wheelchair, blessing of an automobile, blessing or airplane, ship and boat, etc.

Sancta Missa's Blessings

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Tracy said...

Great link, thanks for sharing Esther:)

Bella Vita said...

This is so interesting, thanks for providing the link. I never realized that there were so many types of blessings! For example: beer???? Gotta smile a little on that one!

Esther said...

So glad you ladies found it as useful and interesting as I did.