Monday, October 27, 2008

Obama's birth certificate sealed by Governor Lingle

Obama's birth certificate sealed by Hawaii governor

Well, that's it....or is it?

UPDATE: Case Claiming Obama Ineligible for Presidency Appealed to Supreme Court


catholicandgop said...

I don't get all of this. Why is she sealing it?

I'm half scared of what will come of the election, but the other half of me just wants it to all be over with.

EC Gefroh said...

Who knows? Same here.

anonymous said...

When Hawaii became a state in 1959, there were many people who resided there who did not have a birth certificate --- , hawaiian law established in 1911 permitted someone to register a person born in Hawaii who was one year or older whose birth had not been previously registered in Hawaii. This procedure was in place until 1972! Maybe Obama's mother or grandmother applied for this registration after Obama was born in Kenya and that's why Obama wont release the vault copy...

Probably they got the certificate just on an affidavit alleging a home birth! Maybe his Kenyan grandmother is right and she did witness the birth!

Why else wont Obama produce the certificate!

(it is called the "Certificate of Hawaiian Birth program" and I got it off the Hawai State Department of Health site)... I just typed it in.... if the web site address is wrong... just search that's how I found it!

EC Gefroh said...

Good point A.! Thank you.