Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Corporal Act of Mercy - To Give Drink to the Thirsty

ThirstPicture courtesy of this Website

To Give Drink to the Thirsty.

Remember, that some people thirst for human kindness, understanding, companionship, etc..


Micki said...

Oh my...this picture just makes me aware of how we thirst for the wrong things sometimes.

Esther...how do you put the "Picture courtesy of this Website" on your blog? Thanks.

Esther said...

Micki: The code would be:
Picture courtesy of insert bracket above comma on keyboard a href="here insert complete url starting with http://..."insert bracket above comma here too Type Name of Site insert bracket above comma/a insert bracket above comma I can't type in the bracket itself as Blogger thinks I am inserting an invalid HTML code. Hope that helps.

Micki said...

You are generous to share this informationo. Now, could you share the talent to figure it out? :-)))