Friday, January 05, 2007

Can One Be Catholic and Pro-Choice?

Nancy Pro-Choice CatholicPicture courtesy of Chris

My DH and I watched new Speaker of the House Pelosi's speech yesterday, the day she was sworn in.

Ms. Pelosi's speech contained many references to her being Catholic, a mom and a grandma. She even went as far as reciting part of St. Francis of Assisi' Prayer and ending it up by bringing the "children" up to the podium. I guess she wanted to show how much she cares about "the children" But sadly, not the unborn ones.

I didn't want to post on this subject but I promised my husband that I would do my small part in telling others not to be fooled by this political cloak in Catholicism.

I know I am going to come across as very judgmental but I would feel worse if I let this lie be perpetuated:

Nancy Pelosi is not pro-life. With her
voting record on abortion and other family issues, she is not a Catholic in good standing with Church teaching.

I also direct your attention to
Roman Catholic Blog's post on this topic.


Tracy said...

Well, I'm not real sure of what moral compass a politician uses when they abandon or pick and choose what parts of their faith they will carry with them. Faith is not just one part of your life, but should cross into ALL facets of your life, at least if you are truly trying to live as a representative of that faith.

What do you think Jesus does when he is received by these people?

Jean Heimann said...


I didn't listen to her speech yesterday. I would much rather read a written summary from a good Catholic blogger like yourself.

The world needs to know that this is not how REAL Catholics behave.

Real Catholics incorporate their faith into all aspects of their life - not just into their political speeches - in order to impress people.

Tito said...


I'm glad you blogged about it. The more people know, the better educated they are... especially Catholics.

Anonymous said...


I find it ironic that Pelosi accepted the gaval for the chairmanship on behalf of the children - the ones standing aroound her. She should now be confronted on this comment by asking if she intended to include unborn children.


Tim said...

That was a disgusting display of religious hypocrisy!
The woman is a heretic. Hasn't she excommunicated herself from the Catholic Church by publicly endorsing the killing of children? She should be publicly denounced by the US Catholic Bishops, as if they had the courage to do so.

Anonymous said...

I listened to Rush yesterday and he talked about how the media was praising her to the skies and saying things like isn't it great she can care for the country while holding "her" child. I was given to understand that was her grandchild so she wasn't caring for the country and the children. She's a grandmother now; her child-rearing days are over. She drives me crazy, as to all politicians who think that they can use their "Catholicism" to show how moral they are and then promote abortion and same sex marriage and a myriad of other things (Can anyone say KENNEDY???)