Thursday, August 03, 2006

Questions to Ask Women Priests

I visited a new blog today, Bonfires of the Vanities, and found these very interested questions posed by Fr. Martin Fox

"It would be appropriate, in my judgment, for the media to ask a lot tougher questions of these ladies and their movement:

* Is this only about women's ordination? Does that mean you aren't seeking any change in Church teaching on, say, divorce-and-remarriage, contraception, homosexual behavior, or other areas that are controversial?"

Click Fr. Fox's name above to read the rest.


Tracy said...

I LOVE Fr. Martin Fox! (As much is appropriate for a layperson to love a priest lol!)He has awesome homilies he posts every weekend and he is a preist truly living and loving his vocation. He's not afraid to ask the tough ?'s and has great insight into the whole political ring (since that's hwere he was before priesthood)!

The ppl of his parish are certainly blessed by him!


EC Gefroh said...

I'm beginning to see why Tracy. Glad I found his blog.