Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Basics of Modesty in Dress

Living in Hawaii and walking to church used to mean me attending daily Mass in shorts. When I knelt in front of the Blessed Sacrament and asked myself if Jesus would approve, I kind of figured the answer to that would be NO. As my dear mom would remind us, if we were going to see the President of the United States, we would make sure we were dressed in the very best of our clothing.

Bishop Yanta's Pastoral Letter on Modesty.


Anonymous said...

Esther, I agree that we have gone too far in some churches in dressing down for service. I would like to add that God has made it clear in His Word that he does not look at our outward appearance but at our heart. There has to be a balance.

We have a ministry to the homeless and several of them come to our service on Sunday. They already feel uncomfortable there, but if we all dressed formally would they come at all, with their unwashed bodies and filthy clothing? I'm all for covered and neat, but casual.

EC Gefroh said...

Yes, you make an excellent point. I don't think they were referring to the poor or homeless.

It has been my experience that the poor make it a point to show respect when they dress for church. As for the homeless, the church I attend for daily mass is always welcoming to everyone.

They also minister to the homeless and they are treated as a member of the parish family. That has always touched my heart.

BTW, I would like to know more about your ministry.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

My Mother always taught us to wear the nicest clothing when going to Church. I still try my best! :)

Anonymous said...

We have a wonderful couple in our church, the Endos, who feed the homeless at Ala Moana, and hold a Bible Study every Wednesday night with them, right in the park.

EC Gefroh said...

Heather, you're mom taught you well.

EC Gefroh said...

What a wonderful thing to do! My son and I get to know some of them in our area personally. They are very nice and are just starved for someone to smile or to talk to. It's heartbreaking.