Friday, June 16, 2006

Six Points to Help You Meditate

Hat tip to Sue for sharing this.

Source: Missionaries of Charity Prayer Book

1. Read the suggested Scriptural text slowly and reflectively the evening before; let the words settle in your whole being and become part of you. This remote preparation is conducive to prayer because the Word of God rests in the subconscious mind and conditions you for a personal meeting with Jesus the next morning.

2. Choose a place and posture for prayer which is relaxing. Taking a sufficiently long period of time to settle down and feel relaxed. If you concentrate on your breathing you will find it a good means of relaxing.

3. Be aware of the presence of God. As you breathe rhythmically pronounce the name of Jesus deep in your heart, not with your lips. This will prove helpful in bringing you into the awareness of His abiding presence.

4. Take up the Word of God and read it reflectively with frequent pauses to ascertain what message the Lord wishes to convey to you. Let it speak to you, a word, a phrase, an expression at a time. Rest with it. Let it sink into your whole being. Let it find a home in your heart.

5. Pray by listening and responding with love. Be for God and let Him be for you. Rest in His presence. A lover longs to be in the presence of the one he loves. God loves you and you love Him. Hunger for His presence as you await His personal message for you. Then respond to Him in love and gratitude as the Spirit moves you.

6. You will find it rewarding to keep a spiritual journal (a brief account of the highlights of your hour or prayer). A rereading of your journal from time to time will deepen the experience you enjoyed in prayer. This repetition will be extremely beneficial for your spiritual growth.

O my Divine Master, teach me to hold myself in silence before you; to adore you in the depth of my being; to wait upon you always and never to ask anything of you but the fulfillment of your will. Teach me to let you act in me and form in me the simple prayer that says little but includes everything. Grant me this favour for the glory of your name. Amen.

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