Saturday, June 17, 2006

Happy Father's Day

I want to wish all the wonderful fathers a Happy Father's Day. I especially want to wish our loving God and St. Joseph a very Happy Father's Day.

And to my dear sweet Daddy, a very special Happy Father's Day. I wish I were there to celebrate with you and the rest of the family. I love you!!

To Sides of Giving
by Father John Catoir
3 Minutes a Day: A Christopher Book

June 18

After a long bus ride, a young husband and wife were sitting at a dinner table with their baby. They looked tired and not too prosperous. Their clothes were wrinkled and their breakfast seemed too light.

When the young husband received the check, his hand fumbled in his pocket and came up with some change. A look of dismay clearly revealed he didn't have enough to pay the bill.

At a neighboring table, another young husband had been observing them. He walked up to the father, shook his hand vigorously--passing a slip of green paper with it--and said, "congratulations on your beautiful baby!"

A grin of relief and gratitude shone on the young father's face.

Two aspects of giving are illustrated in this story. One is that in giving we should give gracefully, with sensitivity for the feelings of the person receiving the gift. The other is to be able to receive gifts graciously. That's a knack that is especially appreciated on Father's Day when fathers need to recognize the expressions of love behind the gifts they receive.

When you give alms, your left hand must not know what your right hand is doing. (Mt. 6:3)

Father of All, help fathers everywhere to appreciate their fatherhood and see in it a reflection of Your love for us.

Some of you may be familiar with Fr. John Catoir as the former director of the Christophers or from his syndicated column in our diocesan newspapers. I have blessed to know him as the pastor of our church when I was growing up in Paterson. Thank you Fr. Catoir for all your daily inspirations as I read your little books.

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