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Book Review -Around the Year with the von Trapp Family by Maria Augusta von Trapp

My sister will now be the book reviewer on this blog.  The following is her latest review.  Please note:  the publisher Sophia Institute Press is offering a 25% discount to readers of this blog. 

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Esther, A Catholic Mom in Hawaii

Book Review by Rosa Sautner,
(Catholic homeschooling mom of 2)

When I began homeschooling, I was determined to teach my daughters to love the Catholic Church, to love living the Liturgical Year, to enjoy participating in the life of the Church.  I used an actual Catholic calendar, looked up the feasts, holy days, seasons and prepared my lessons accordingly.  

How I wish I had had this book by Maria Augusta von Trapp!  Maria, you may well know is the Maria of the Sound of Music fame.  As a former postulant in an Abbey, she must have had a deep love and knowledge of the Catholic Church and a devotion to all the beautiful traditions of the Austrian people.

As she writes in her introduction, when her family was "transplanted" to America, those long held traditions served to firmly root her family in America by helping them to live the life of the Church as they had when they were in Austria.  

This lovely book will also help you live the Liturgical Year with your own family in much the same way she did.  She provides lovely stories of each season of the year, the preparations they made, the foods they cooked, and especially the music they sang.  Each season is explained and carefully broken down so that your preparation can follow very simply by putting into practice her customs and traditions.  Beginning with Advent and ending with All Souls Day, Maria takes us through the Liturgical year and ends the book with an entire chapter on celebrating feasts, such as birthdays and baptismal days.

This beautiful book is a reprint of the 1955 edition.  It is simply a treasure.  I highly recommend it as a most useful and inspiring addition to any Catholic home library.


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