Monday, September 15, 2014

Mass Etiquette: 20 Things To Do And Not Do In Mass

A good list from Aggie Catholics.

The following are things I would also like to point out:

#6.  It is also never appropriate to wear low cut or revealing clothing no matter how fashionable it is.

#11.  Before Mass and after Mass is a time that we should observe holy silence.  But after receiving holy communion should also be a time for sacred silence.  This silence is broken by having to sing a hymn.  It makes it difficult to give thanks to God when you cannot hear yourself think.

#16.  Remember that Jesus is truly present in the consecrated hosts and His precious blood is in the chalice.  Bow down when passing by any other Extraordinary minister of Holy Communion holding a chalice or ciborium during Holy Communion.


Jeannee Waseck said...

Thank you for this!!! I'll never forget the time I was walking into a Mass, with my head down - and all of a sudden, I saw - naked thighs ;- Startled, I looked up and realized that the Greeter was a teenaged girl - in a mini-skirt.

Esther Gefroh said...

Hi Jeannee: Yes, some of the clothing people wear are far from modest. God bless.