Friday, March 28, 2014

Overcoming Distracting Thoughts

"...never willfully to dwell on thoughts that disturb our peace, to despise them, not to allow them to trouble or torment us, and in this, as in all else, to be guided by the decision of our spiritual director."
- Father Jean-Nicholas Grou - The Spiritual Life

From journal entry April 2, 2013

I copied the above quote last year around this time.  I chose it for today's post because I have been having thoughts at Mass that do in fact disturb my peace.  It is clear that those thoughts did not come from God but from His enemy and ours.  The best way to fight those types of thoughts is to pray earnestly to God for the grace to overcome anything that takes our hearts and minds away from Him.


Mary N. said...

This happens to me as well, Esther. Thanks for sharing the quote!

Esther Gefroh said...

Glad I'm not alone, Mary. God bless,