Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Mahalo Saint Joseph!

How can one honor a saint such as Saint Joseph!

He was a kind man.
He was a holy man.
He was a quiet man.
He was a righteous man.
He was a good husband...the best actually!
He was a good father.
He was a good protector.
He was a hard worker.
He was a loving provider.
He was a good role model.
He listened when God spoke to him.
He was humble.
He was silent.
He kept his thoughts to himself and God.
He did God's will.
He never complained.

When he died he was mourned deeply by his holy little family.

When he went to Heaven, Holy Mother Church raised him to be:

the protector of the universal church;

He is the:

the patron saint of the dying;
the patron saint of fathers;
the patron saint of those who want to sell their homes or buy a home;
the patron saint of workers;
the patron saint of all Josephs, Joes, Joeys, Joses, Guiseppes,
the patron saint of carpenters;

So, how can I thank St. Joseph for all the help and comfort he has given me over the years.  I often go to him, daily in fact, because I know he will help those I entrust to his care.

He is a self-less saint, like most saints are yet there is something special about St. Joseph.  He was a favorite among some saints, St. Teresa of Avila and St. Damien are two that come to mind.

I cannot imagine going through the day without invoking the aid of St. Joseph!

So, today on his feast day, I simply want to say.  "I love you Saint Joseph".  "Thank you St. Joseph."

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O, my beloved St. Joseph,
adopt me as thy child,
take care of my salvation,
watch over me day and night,
preserve me from the occasion of sin,
obtain for me purity of soul and body!
Through thy intercession with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament,
and a sweet tender love for Mary, my Mother.
St. Joseph, 
be with me living, 
be with me dying and obtain for me a favorable
judgment from Jesus,
my merciful Savior.

Prayer source: Our Lady of the Rosary Library

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