Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Queenship of Mary - Total Consecration to Mary:>>...... John J. Cardinal Carberry

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Queen of all Hearts

"...Vatican Council II in no way de-emphasized the place of Mary in the mystery of Christ and of the Church.  To the contrary, the Council has given to the world and to posterity a solid theological treatise on Mary which will be studied for centuries.  Far from de-emphasis, the whole spirit of the chapter on Mary is a spirit of praise, honor and love of Mary.  Clearly, prayerfully, and with sound scriptural and traditional teachings, Mary's role in the Church is placed in true perspective, which is the perspective of Christ.

...For those who love Mary sincerely there will come a day when an interest will be aroused in the consecration of  St. Louis Mary and will prayer and consideration the beauty and the simplicity of it will be unfolded...

...The end object of the devotion is Jesus; first, last and always, as the expression has it:  to Jesus through Mary.

...The more earnestly the devotion is practiced and lived (lived is the word), the more we shall grow in the knowledge and life and love of Jesus, even to the extend that we may fear that we are losing our love for Mary, so preoccupied we may become with Jesus.  However, this is but an illusion.  We are not ceasing to love Mary.  She is gently stepping aside and leading us to  Him who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.
Excerpt from Mary, Queen and Mother, Marian Pastoral Reflections

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