Friday, June 21, 2013

Book: Our Lady of Kibeho - on Miracles

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The following is an excerpt from Immaculee Ilibagiza's book Our Lady of Kibeho:  Mary Speaks to the World from the Heart of Africa.  Note: Kibeho is the only official Marian apparition site in Africa.

It was a message given to a young man who heard Jesus speaking to him.  As Father Rwagema the priest introducing the message to Immaculee and the other children said: "It may be Segatshya's voice you're listening to, but his words come directly from Jesus.

"Our Lord says to stop asking for miracles," ..."because your lives are miracles.  A true miracle is a child in the womb; a mother's love is a miracle; a forgiving heart is a miracle.  Your lives are filled with miracles, but you're too distracted by material things to see them.  Jesus tells you to open your ears to hear his messages and open your hears to receive his love,.  Too many people have lost their way and walk the easy road that leads away from God.  Jesus says to pray to his mother, and the Blessed Virgin Mary will lead you to God Almighty. The Lord has come to you with messages of love and the promise of eternal happiness, yet you ask for miracles instead.  Stop looking to the sky for miracles.  Open your hear to God; true miracles occur in the heart."
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humbledservant808 said...

This book can be purchased at the Damien and Marianne Heritage Center in Waikiki... It will go on sale this weekend! Other items also will go on sale... Up to 50% off!

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Mahalo for the heads up!