Saturday, September 01, 2012

Prayer of Thanksgiving to the Father for Giving Us the Heart and Mind of Jesus

Blue Army Shrine Adoration Chapel
O My God,
how great is Your love for us!
You are infinitely worthy
of being love, praised, and glorified!
We have neither heart nor spirit worthy of doing so.
But Your Wisdom and Goodness
have given us a way of carrying it out.
You have given us the Spirit and Heart of Your Son,
to be our own heart and spirit,
in accord with the promises You made through Your Prophet:
"I will give them a new heart,
I will put a new spirit in your midst" (Ezekiel 36:26).
In order that we may know what this new heart and new spirit might be
You added:
"I will place My Spirit, which is My Heart,
in your midst."
Only the Spirit and Heart of a God
are worthy of loving and praising a God,
of blessing and loving Him as much as He deserves.
Thus You have given us Your Heart,
the Heart of Your Son Jesus,
as well as the heart of His holy Mother
and the heart of the Saints,
and angels who together are only one heart,
as the Head and members form one single Body.

- St. John Eudes


Nancy Shuman said...


Thank you for sharing this.

Esther G. said...

Oh, you are welcome, Nancy!