Saturday, August 25, 2012

Saint Louis of France

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 I love learning of a saint's virtue or mortification. Example today I learned from Father Tony at Mass this morning: Saint Louis of France: "He had a good sense of humor and enjoyed a joke, but refrained from humor on Fridays out of respect for the Passion of the Lord. He wore a hair shirt under his royal robes. He forbade any kind of profanity or vulgarity, and punished it severely in courtiers. During Advent and Lent, he himself would personally wait on and feed the hungry and indigent". (Diocese of Wichita) Happy Feast Day!



terry prest said...

Dear Esther

Good to see you blogging away

Out of charity please publicise the persecution of Christians in Pakistan

One 11 year old Christian girl with Down syndrome is in prison charged with blasphemy which carries the death sentence

One 11 year old Christian boy has been brutally mudered

Thank you

Esther G. said...

Aloha Terry,
Mahalo! I will post both your links here on this blog.
God bless,