Monday, September 12, 2011

Holy Name of Mary

"And the Virgin's name was Mary." - Luke 1:28

"Mary is our hope during life and at death. The name of Mary, the Mother of God is filled with divine graces and blessings.

"The name of Mary cannot be pronounced without bringing some grace to him who does so devoutly." - St. Bonaventure

"The sweet name of a precious ointment, which breathes forth the odor of divine grace." - St. Ambrose

"...the name of Mary is the key of the gates of heaven in the hands of those who devoutly invoke it. - St. Ephrem

"...As we rejoice today under the name and protection of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, may we learn to hope in God as she always did, especially in the great affair of our eternal salvation - The Glories of Mary.

"Hope has been called the forgotten virtue. A large number of Catholics do not place a high esteem on hope...Some Catholics are not completely convinced that we cannot be saved without hoping. During this meditation, it is helpful to impress on our minds that these virtues (theological virtues of faith, hope and charity) are an indissoluble trinity. All three go together. You cannot have one without the other. Hope is a theological virtue and we have an obligation to practice it...

Source: Conference by the Servant of God Terence Cardinal Cooke: Meditations on Mary.


mary333 said...

I love these quotes and the picture is beautiful.

Esther G. said...

Thank you Mary. Apparently, Cardinal Cooke (who is said to have been a very holy man) had quite a devotion to our Blessed Mother.