Friday, June 10, 2011

The Catholic Priest

I saw this on Richard's blog and wanted to share it here.

A 15th century piece of prose - 'His High Office'

(For all of our priests)

For priesthood exceedeth all other thing;
To us Holy Scripture do they teach,
And converteth man from sin heaven to reach;
God hath to them more power given,
Than to any angel that is in Heaven;
With five words he may consecrate
God's Body in flesh and blood to make.
He handleth his Maker between his hands;
The priest bindeth and unbindeth all bands,
Both in earth and heaven;
Thou ministers all the sacraments seven;
Though we kissed thy feet thou were worthy;
Thou art surgeon that cureth sin deadly;
No remedy we find under God
But only priesthood.
Everyman, God gave priests that dignity,
And setteth them in His stead among us to be;
Thus be they above angels in degree.

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