Tuesday, March 01, 2011

On Dealing with Temptations

St. Francis de Sales gave the following advice to St. Jane de Chanal on patience and bearing temptations.

"...while a temptation displeases you there is nothing to fear; for why does it displease you, save because you do not will it? ... these burdensome temptations come from the malice of the Devil; but the pain and suffering that we feel come from the mercy of God who, against the will of the enemy, draws from his malice holy tribulations, by which He refines the gold that He would put into His treasures.

...your temptations are from the Devil and from Hell, but your pains and afflictions are from God and Paradise. The mothers are from Babylon, but the daughters are from Jerusalem. Despise the temptations; embrace the tribulations...

Thy Will be Done by St. Francis de Sales, Sophia Press

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