Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lent for Life.

Thanks to Sue Cifelli for sharing Steve Lopez's idea for a pro-life Lent. I do not think Steve is a Catholic because in his email he admits having to do some research when he first heard the term Lent. But as you can see, he understands the significance of sacrifice during this solemn church season.

...I would like to invite everyone out to Planned Parenthood during Lent. What better place to remember the suffering of Jesus Christ than outside of Planned Parenthood...?

I know we all have very busy lives so I tried to come up with a few suggestions that would allow everyone to spend some time during each day of Lent in front of Planned Parenthood with their spiritual brothers and sisters.

1) If you exercise on a treadmill daily -- that activity can be given to God during Lent. Walking and praying in front of the Planned Parenthood each day during Lent is a great way to have communion with God and increase your physical fitness.

2) Have lunch with God outside of the Planned Parenthood. Anyone who thinks they don't have time to commune with God because they're too busy with work still has to eat. Bring a sack lunch to Planned Parenthood where you can eat and pray with fellow pro lifers during Lent.

3) Have breakfast with God -- bring a bagel and stand outside of the Planned Parenthood during Lent. Alternatively, if you're fasting during breakfast, lunch, or dinner that time can be given to God outside of the Planned Parenthood in t

BTW, 40 Days for Life coincides with Lent so if you are participating in 40 Days for Life, you can still use the above suggestions. Catholics can pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet and the Holy Rosary during this time.

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