Thursday, January 27, 2011

Priest blessed dying police officer

Father Fausto Bailo
Note: Father Bailo just happens to be one of my Facebook friends.
As Sergeant Ryan Russell lay dying on Toronto’s frozen streets in the early morning hours of Jan. 12, a local priest was running late for his morning mass.

Father Fausto Bailo, a chaplain at the downtown Ernescliff College student centre on the University of Toronto campus, recalls approaching the intersection of Avenue and Davenport roads — and finding an unexpected scene of chaos.

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Alexandra said...

Thanks for sharing this. What a blessing for the officer.

Ed Sousa, Sr. said...

Thanks for sharing Esther.
Another miracle of God's Mercy.

Mary B said...

Thank you for posting. That's where my brother serves as well. We never know who will be called to help in a situation like that.

Esther G. said...

Mary, praying for your brother's safety as well.