Friday, December 24, 2010

Gifts for Children...No Batteries Needed

Picture source

Brother John Samaha, S.M.

After the batteries have long expired on other gifts, these intangible gifts will long endure. They were recommended by Canaan Mantermach and Carl J. Pfeifer through the Department of Religious Education of the National Catholic Education Association.

Time. It shows them how much you mean to them.

Love. Nothing is more important than love.

Sense of justice. This includes fidelity to relationships and responsibilities.

Laughter and joy. Happiness nurtures. Morality is a byproduct of growing up with laughter and joy.

Celebration. Find something special to do each month as well as mark special occasions.

Spirituality. Show the importance of prayer and Sunday worship.

Forgiveness and healing. Never let children go to sleep without being forgiven for a wrong, or healing a hurt.

Truth. Help them to be truthful and honest. Insist on this.

Respect. Respect the property of others. Give the example.

Books. Urge children to read, and read aloud with them.

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