Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Often it is the woman who makes marriage a domestic Church, says Pope

The Holy Family by Claudio Coello
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Marriage can be a real path of holiness and "many times it is the woman who succeeds in taking her husband on a journey of faith." This was the case with St. Bridget of Sweden, "an eminent figure in the history of Europe", a "holy woman who still has much to teach men, the Church and the world," but still today quite often it is the "women who, with her religious sensibility, delicacy and gentleness, succeeds in taking her husband on a journey of faith. I think with gratitude of the many women who, day after day, still light up their families with their witness of Christian life. May the Spirit of the Lord inspire the sanctity of Christian spouses even today, to show the world the beauty of marriage lived according to Gospel values: love, tenderness, mutual support, and fecundity in the generation and education of children, openness and solidarity to the world, participation in the life of the Church"...

AsiaNews: Often it is the Woman Who Makes Marriage a Domestic Church says Pope

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