Thursday, September 09, 2010

On Conformity to God's Will - St. Francis de Sales

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..."Therefore the conformity of our heart with God's signified will consists in the fact that we will all that God's goodness signifies to us as His intention, so that we believe according to His teaching, hope according to His promises, fear according to His warnings, and love and live according to His ordinance and admonitions.

All those protestations we make so often in the Church's holy ceremonies tend to this end. For this reason we remain standing while the Gospel is read to show that we are ready to obey the holy signification of God's will contained in the Gospel. For this reason we kiss the book at the place where the Gospel is, to show that we adore the holy word that declares God's will. For this reason, in ancient days, many men and women saints bore upon their breast the Gospel written out as a talisman of love, as is told of St. Cecilia..."

From Finding God's Will for You by St. Francis de Sales. Available through Sophia Press.

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