Monday, August 23, 2010

Feast of Santa Rosa de Lima

Painting by Murillo

Picture source and a good biography about the saint, in Spanish

"Apart from the cross there is no other ladder by which
we may get to heaven." - St. Rose of Lima

Picture source

"Lord, increase my sufferings, and with them increase Your love in my heart."- St. Rosa de Lima

Picture source

Picture source

"Our Lord and Savior lifted up his voice and said with incomparable majesty: “Let all men know that grace comes after tribulation...."

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..."Let them know that without the burden of afflictions it is impossible to reach the height of grace..."

"...Let them know that the gifts of grace increase as the struggles increase..."

..."Let men take care not to stray and be deceived..."

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..."We cannot obtain grace unless we suffer afflictions..."

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Picture source

..."We must heap trouble upon trouble to attain a deep participation in the divine nature, the glory of the sons of God and perfect happiness of soul”..."

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..."If only mortals would learn how great it is to possess divine grace, how beautiful, how noble, how precious...."

From "The Beauty of Divine Grace by Sta. Rosa de Lima. Source


Easter Almuena said...

Your favorite saint!!! :-)

EC Gefroh said...

Well, one of them anyway :-)