Wednesday, July 28, 2010

More on Dressing Modestly

Thanks to Colleen Hammond's tweet I found the following blog post on dressing modestly.

A Few Thoughts on Modesty.

The blogger posted in good time considering that it was recently reported that the Vatican is enforcing modesty in dress for women visitors. See Jean's blog post here.

Personally, I often wondered why Catholic women have such a hard time dressing modestly. Why would you want to draw unwanted attention from some guys by the way you dress?  But more importantly, why would you want to take a chance of offending our Lord by the clothes you wear or to lead others to sin?  Our Blessed Mother's purity and modesty should always be our model.

I guess with everything there has to be moderation. It is not unusual to see women and teen girls at Mass with very short skirts, bare arms, plunging necklines and on the other spectrum, I have seen some women all covered up with long shapeless dresses, high collars, and a veil. Sad to say but these otherwise attractive women, did not look very attractive.

My mother often seemed shocked when women went up to receive communion and they were wearing sleeveless dresses or blouses.  Keep in mind, there was no plunging neckline nor were they backless or showing their tummies.  Yet, when my mother was growing up, if a woman went up for Communion wearing a sleeveless blouse or dress, she would be denied Holy Communion.

I have shared with you before that in my family, the women have always dressed modestly. That does not mean we did not have any fashion sense. One of my sister LOVES clothes. Yet all her slacks, tops, skirts are fashionably modest.  I am sharing a few photos of my sister to show how she usually dresses.
There is no need to give up looking good by dressing in unflattering clothes just to dress in a modest way.


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Lovely post, lovely sister too!
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Esther G. said...

Thank you! And mahalo for the tag too.
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Gail said...

Hi Esther,
Your sister looks lovely, and think you've made a lot of good points.
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Esther G. said...

Thanks Gail! Hope all is well. God bless,