Saturday, July 03, 2010

Death of the Virgin Mary

Please check out this very interesting painting by Caravaggio on Terry's blog. I had not seen this particular painting before and it was a bit shocking to see the Blessed Mother portrayed in such a vulnerable manner. It makes me wonder what Caravaggio mindset or inspiration was when he decided to paint this particular subject in such an unusual way.

Terry: BTW, I wanted to leave you a comment at your blog. Are you familiar with a painting "The Assumption of Mary Magadelene."  Have you ever heard this story before?  Thanks!


terry said...

Dear Esther,

I believe that The Assumption of Mary Magdalene has been painted by Jusepe de Ribera, José Antolinez, Domenichino and others.

Where and when the tradition arose that St Mary Magdalene`s body was subject to the same privilege as the Blessed Virgin Mary , I simply do not know.

It would seem to be contrary to the Traditions of the Catholic and Greek Churches.

I have always veered off the subject in my blog

Hope you and the family are well and will have a good and festive Fourth of July

BTW the comments section on my blog seems extremely temperamental. Sometimes it seems to work oter times it does not. I am not technically minded. I have always allowed comments. Why there are problems I really don`t know.

Kind regards


Elizabeth Mahlou said...

Thanks for the link.

Happy Fourth!o

Esther G. said...

Hi Terry:
Thank you. I believe I saw the one by de Ribera. Strange that those artists who appear to be Spanish and Italian and therefore I assume Catholic would paint so controversial a subject matter. I haven't shared it on my blog either for probably the same reasons as you.

As for your 4th of July wishes, thank you very much!

I do not know why the comment sections are like that. I will ask my son, maybe he knows.

Aloha for now,

My pleasure Elizabeth. I thought the painting was beautiful, not just your typical BVM painting is all.

Mary B said...

My Zoe walked by as I looked and recognized the painting. She said it was in her Seton Spelling.

Esther G. said...

Mary, Seton does use wonderful works of Catholic art. Thank you!