Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Proper Attire for Mass

I found this article on Deacon John's blog.
... 1. Men should wear formal shoes to Church. We used to call these hard shoes (because they were) but today many formal shoes are actually quite comfortable.

2. Men should wear trousers (not jeans).

3. Men should never wear shorts to Church.

4. Men should wear a decent shirt, preferably a button down shirt. If it is a pullover shirt it should include a collar. Wearing a plain t-shirt without a collar is too informal.

5. Men should consider wearing a tie to Church and in cooler weather, a suit coat. Some may consider this a bit too stuffy and formal but who knows, you might be a trend setter!

6. Now as I talk about women I know I’ll get in some trouble!

7. Women should wear decent shoes to Church. Flip flops, beach sandals etc. seem inappropriate.

8. Women should not wear shorts to Church.

9. Women, if they wear pants, should never wear jeans to Church. Some nice slacks that are not too tight can be fine.

10. Women should consider wearing a dress or at least a skirt in preference to pants. It just looks a bit more formal than pants.

11. Women should wear a nice blouse (if they are not wearing a full dress). The blouse or shirt they wear should not be too tight.

12. Sleeveless garments are pushing it a bit but can be acceptable.

13. Women should never wear tank tops, tube tops, spaghetti straps, or bare midriffs to Church.

14. Well, you may have at this list. Add or subtract as you will.


Unknown said...

Or satanic worship outfits! Yes, there was a teen in church last Sunday with a black top with satanic messages and symbols all over it, a short a red skirt, wild knee socks, and combat boots. I get the punk theme, but could she at least find a top with out all the pentagrams and pictures of Satan? Sigh, She carried up the offerings, so everyone saw it. Our priest will never say anything. The priest who did got transferred.

EC Gefroh said...

Alexandra, I cannot believe a girl dressed like that was asked to participate in the offertory, let alone into Church dressed like that. Wow!