Thursday, April 01, 2010

Special Rosary on Good Friday

Photo by Esther G.
One day St Faustina asked for a soul for every stitch she made.
Jesus granted her request

ASK FOR A SOUL for every Hail Mary you say on your Rosary on Good Friday
and also on every Rosary you say from now on

There is a great deal to gain and absolutely nothing to lose!

Imagine what might happen if every Catholic in the world would pray a Rosary on the same day! We have an example in October of 1573, when Europe was saved from the invasion of the mighty Turkish fleet, by the praying of the Rosary by all Christians!

So, on Good Friday, let us all pray a Rosary for peace in the world and the return of moral values into our communities. If possible, please pray your Rosary between Noon and 3:00pm.

Thanks to St. Raphael Healing Oil Ministry

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Mary333 said...

I've often thought of what would happen if every Catholic in the world prayed the rosary at the same time. Amazing things I bet. Even if we all just prayed one Hail Mary I think the world would change :)

Esther G. said...

What a world that would be! Thanks Mary.