Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How Keeping One's Devotions to Our Lady Can Save One From Hell

Hell by Salvador Dali

In the year 1604, in a city in Belgium, there were two young students who gave themselves up to a life of debauchery instead of following their studies.

One night they were at the house of an evil woman; but one of the two, who was named Richard, stayed only a short time and then returned home. While he was preparing to retire, he remembered that he had not yet said the few Hail Marys that were his daily practice.

He was very tired and half inclined to omit them; nevertheless, he forced himself through the routine, saying the words half asleep and with no particular devotion. Then he lay down and fell asleep.
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I am reminded of a story that our Lady is not pleased when we do not follow up on our devotions and prayers to her. This story may just be the reason why...she is looking out for our eternal souls.


Anonymous said...

ok! this kept me up all night! I had nightmares and chestpains....: /

Esther G. said...

Oh no!