Friday, November 27, 2009

OFFICIAL - Holy Communion on the Tongue Cannot be Denied Because of H1N1

Holy Communion on the TonguePrayer Source

According to the The Catholic Knight a Catholic cannot be denied communion on the tongue for fear of swine flu.


A few weeks ago at the St. Damien's Mass celebration at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace, I was denied Holy Communion on the tongue by one of the Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. She stared straight ahead, poised to place the Consecrated Host in my hands. She did this even though I prompted her to place The Consecrated Host on my tongue. I finally let her place the Consecrated Host in my hands because we were holding up the Communion line. My mother who was right behind me found herself in the same position so she slipped into the line with the priest and waited until he gave her Holy Communion on the tongue.


Tracy said...

wow, I wonder if our parish will do this, I hope so!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Esther...they do allow Communion on the tongue...ur supposed wait until you are the very last in the line...that's their current policy at the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace

Just to let you know...