Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bl. Francis X. Seelos - Top 10 Practical Guide to Holiness

Bl. Seelos

1. Go to Mass with deepest devotion.

2. Spend a half an hour to reflect upon your main failing and make resolutions to avoid it.

3. Do daily spiritual readings for at least 15 minutes, if a half hour is not possible.

4. Say the Rosary every day.

5. Also daily, if at all possible, visit the Blessed Sacrament; and toward evening, meditate on the passion of Christ for a half an hour.

6. Conclude the day with evening prayer, and an examination of conscience over all the faults and sins of the day.

7. Every month make a review of the month in Confession.

8. Choose a special patron every month and imitate that patron in some special virtue.

9. Precede every great feast with a novena, that is, nine days of devotion.

10. Try to being and end every activity with a "Hail Mary".



Lee Strong said...

I like these bits of advice. If I could get off my lazy spiritual behind to do just half of them I'd be well on my way toward sainthood!

Esther G. said...

Same here Lee.