Monday, August 10, 2009

Cardinal Arinze on the Topic of Altar Girls

H/T Sue of Half the Kingdom

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Anonymous said...

makes SO SO SO much sense. And because it was a mistake, he must be rectofied by changing it and dimisish the mistake
aloha and God bless, Lois

Anonymous said...

I have free dial-up and am not able to watch videos or listen to audios.

What did he say?


Esther said...

Hi Lois :-)

I guess it would be up to the Holy Father.

Hi Marian, basically that the altar boys serving helped in the call to the priesthood.

Esther said...

BTW, Marian, Edna left a message for you. If you are able to email me, I will forward it to you or look under one of the Blue Army posts I have.