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St. Padre Pio - On The Unseen World of the Holy Mass and on the Spiritual Direction

St. Padre Pio Celebrating Holy Mass
Secret Harbor's Unseen World of Holy Mass
...During the Consecration the Wounds of the stigmata would bleed and remarkably Padre Pio would, during the elevation, hold our Eucharistic Lord for as long as ten minutes – and at times longer than that. Speaking about the Mass, Padre Alberto D'Apolito, who knew Padre Pio, said: “It produced such an impression that time and space between the altar and Calvary disappeared. The Mass of Padre Pio visibly reproduced the Passion of Christ, not only in a mystical form, but also physically, in his body. Waves of emotion made Padre Pio tremble at the altar as if the struggle with invisible persons filled him, time after time, with fear, joy, sadness, anguish, and pain. From the expression on his face, one could follow the mysterious dialogue. Whoever doubted the Real Presence had only to assist at Saint Pio’s Mass...”

And Padre Pio the spiritual director advises us in this way:

The field of battle between God and Satan is the human soul. This is where it takes place every moment of our lives. The soul must give free access to our Lord and be completely fortified by Him with every kind of weapon. His light must illuminate it to fight the darkness of error. We must put on Jesus Christ, His truth and justice, the shield of faith, the word of God to overcome such powerful enemies. To put on Jesus Christ we must die to ourselves. Let us humble ourselves and confess that if God were not our armor and shield, we would be pierced by all kinds of sins. That is why we must live in God by persevering in our practices, and learn to serve Him at our own expense.”...Saint Pio of Pietrelcina,
I would like to share something personal with you with regard to Confession. There is a new statue of St. Padre Pio at Blessed Sacrament Church in Paterson. It has become a custom for me to pray to Padre Pio for spiritual direction every morning, right after praying before the Blessed Sacrament. As you may know, while he was alive Padre Pio accepted many as his spiritual children.
Once a person was accepted as Padre Pio's spiritual child, he would never abandon them, no matter what danger they were in. Even if he did not visit them personally, they would receive his help through his Guardian Angel.
EWTN: Padre Pio, the Mystic: Guardian Angels

So, I thought that I would ask him to accept me as his spiritual daughter too even though he is now a saint of the Catholic church and no longer alive on earth.

Today I was going to go to confession and I was having trouble examining my conscience. But I must say, as soon as I went to Father for confession, my heart and mind became very clear and I remembered all my grievous sins. I firmly believe that with St. Padre Pio's spiritual help, I was able to make a very good confession and thanks to him and the priest hearing confessions today, I was able to get very sound spiritual direction.

What a blessing!

Thanks to Sue for story of the Holy Mass.

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