Friday, May 22, 2009

Photos from the Marian Shrine - Don Bosco

Becchi House
Becchi House

Don Bosco Bedroom
Don Bosco's bedroom

Don Bosco's Desk
Don Bosco's desk

Sign in Don Bosco bedrrom
Sign in Don Bosco's Bedroom

Parent's Bedroom
Bedroom Belonging to Don Bosco's Parents

Sign in Parents Bedroom
Sign in Don Bosco's Bedroom

Don Bosco's Mother
Picture of Don Bosco's Mother

Little Johnny first teaching catechism in hayloft
Click picture to read what the little sign says about little Johnny

Dominic Savio
Dominic Savio

Don Bosco Painting
Painting of Don Bosco

Replica of Don Bosco's Baby Cap
Replica of John Bosco's baby cap knitted by his mother

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Micki said...

Pictures I've never seen. Just wonderful. I always loved John Bosco because growing up in Milwaukee there was a "Don Bosco" high school.....for boys!!!!!!
(Can you tell now that I went to an all-girls high school?

John said...

He is a great example that we must start following God when we are still young. Later we begin more difficult it will be.
John from:
Catholic Answers

EC Gefroh said...

Micki, there were two schools in NJ too. Don Bosco Tech and Don Bosco Prep. My mom attended Maria Auxiliadoro school in Peru.

John, so true. BTW, thanks for sharing your link. Nice site.

Jun Battad said...

Most beautiful time in my life during my high school years in the 60s at the Don Bosco Technical Institute in Mandaluyong, Philippines. I will always be devoted to this Saint to whom
I owe the best years of my youth. Jun Battad

EC Gefroh said...

Jun, my mother who went to Salesian run schools in South American says the same thing.