Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Georg Ratzinger slams Angela Merkel over Criticism

Fr. Georg Ratzinger
H/T Fr. Z

Georg Ratzinger has defended his brother Pope Benedict XVI over his decision to rehabilitate Bishop Williamson, a Holocaust denier, into the Catholic Church - and slammed Angela Merkel for her criticism.

Hooray for Monsignor Ratzinger for defending his younger brother. It takes a lot for me to feel outrage and anger but this unprovoked and evil attack on Pope Benedict XVI by certain politicians, liberals, main stream media who have their own agenda in mind, has really done it.

Please join me in offering up more prayers and sacrifices for our dear Holy Father. He does not deserve these vicious attacks.


Modern Catholic Mom said...

Thanks for sharing this I had not heard about his brother defending him ,that is great.

Kathleen Miller said...

No he does not! He deserves our prayers!!!!

GrandmaK said...

It's so annoying that people cannot find a reason to be grateful and glad. They're not happy unless they've made others unhappy. And for HEAVEN'S SAKE don't print the good doesn't sell! so sorry! I'm always praying for his Holiness...Cathy

Esther said...

Ellen, such needless suffering that our poor Holy Father is being inflicted with.

Kathy, we need to pray even more for him.

Gosh Cathy, well put!