Friday, August 29, 2008

Fine Art Friday - Ingres and David

Terry of Idle Speculations has written a very interesting and revealing post entitled Rome and a Tale of Two Artists.

The artists referred to in the piece are Jean-Auguste Dominque Ingres and his friend Fran├žois-Marius Granet. However, what peaked my interest was the following:

Unlike his teacher, David, Ingres did not involve himself in politics

I do not remember knowing that Ingres had been a pupil of artist Jacques-Louis David. Could it be that I forgot?

It has been many years that I studied art history in college. Back then I was intrigued by David's subject matter, especially the visually disturbing yet intriguing Death of Marat. It is in recent years that the beauty of Ingres' masterpieces have touched my Catholic heart.

Death of Marat - David

There is a comparative study at the Royal Academy of Arts of the above painting and the portrait of Napoleon below.

Napoleon in his Studies at the Tuileries

Picture source for the painting below of Jean-Auguste Dominique Ingres' Pius V is another blog I will soon be adding to my side bar Hallowed Ground

Ingres Pius V
Pope Pius V

Ingres Joan of Arc
Jeanne d'Arc

Picture source for the above Ingres' painting here There is also good information on the artist and painting there too.

Ingres Virgin of the Eucharist
Our Lady of the Eucharist

Virgin of the Adoption
Virgin of the Adoption


Evann said...

Esther, that is my most favorite image of Jeanne D'Arc! I never knew who painted it. Thanks!

Tracy said...

Beautiful, I really love the ones of our Dear Mother.. so breathtaking.

Easter Almuena said...

I am amazed... yes, I do like that painting of Jeanne D'Arc! That is Joe's favorite saint... gotta show that to him!

Love your "Fine Art Friday"! Thanks, Esther!

Spence Ohana said...

I love your Fine Art Fridays! I was an Art major in college, and many of the pieces you post about - I studied!

EC Gefroh said...

YW Evann. Ingres has a unique style of elongated women. Jeanne D'Arc isn't like that is it?

I agree Tracy.

Easter, did Joe ever watch that old silent film on Joan of Arc?

Wonderful Melissa! I had a great art history professor at my school.