Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Teach Your Children - Fasting and Abstinence

Holy CommunionSome words of advice for Catholic families.
Talk to your kids about fasting and abstinence, especially on Fridays, since our dear Lord was crucified on a Friday. Tell them you are going to eat no meat that day. Ask them for help in coming up with some menu ideas.

Explain how fasting means limited eating and no snacking. This applies to those over 14, healthy and non-pregnant or nursing. Fasting means only a minimum of foods between meals, this food should be essential type food and not junk food!

Children can become quite vigilant with each other, and you, once they understand what fasting is all about.

Gather together with the family for prayer once a day. If this is not a family habit, today is a great time to start. Perhaps at the dinner table, before everyone leaves, or just after the meal.
By Sue of Half the Kingdom


John Michael said...

My daughter asked me about fasting the other day.

Anne Marie(Five years old): "Dad, Why did Satan try to get Jesus to eat bread in the desert?"

Me: "Because Jesus fasted for 40 days."

Anne Marie: "So, Satan was trying to catch up with him?"


Marie said...

Excellent thoughts Esther and helpful to young families.

Peace & love to you always:)

Marie xooxoxoox

Esther said...

JM: :-) So cute!

Thanks dear Marie.

Anonymous said...

Haven't visited in a while, but I consider this blog one of the finer Catholic blogs on Blogger!

Blessings to you and your family, Es!

Marie said...

I have just done a piece on blogging problems on my own blog. Hopefully blogger will sort it out quickly.

I agree with Teresa your's is one of the finer blogs on the net as is John Michaels, Jean and so many others.

Peace & much love to you Esther:)

Marie xoxooxxo