Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blessed Damien and NJ - Perfect Together

Fr. Damien and Fr. Patrick 3
Fr. J. Patrick Ryan and Blessed Damien

Fr. Damien and Fr. Patrick 2
Fr. Damien and Fr. Patrick Blessed Sacrament
Fr. Patrick, Fr. Damien and the Blessed Sacrament

A while back when I was in Hawaii, my mom excitedly mentioned that Fr. Patrick, the pastor of her parish church Blessed Sacrament, had received a framed picture of Blessed Damien of Molokai. The arrival of Blessed Damien's picture caused my mom as well as one of the Filippini Sisters at the parish to revive their interest in Blessed Damien. They couldn't wait to read a book about him and were eager to pray for his canonization using holy cards I provided for them.

It was with a lot of interest that I hoped to be able to see the picture. However, when Joey and I arrived the picture was not on display.

A few weeks later, I finally asked Fr. Patrick about it and he was kind enough to pull it out to show it to me. It really was more beautiful than I had imagined. The pictures above don't really do the print or painting (I can't really tell which one it is) justice. If you click to enlarge you may see it better.

Mahalo Fr. Patrick for permitting me to take the pictures as well as agreeing to be in the pictures ;-)


Easter Almuena said...

WOW!!! wonderful Esther!

Much love,

Marie said...

It is a beautiful picture I hope he does display it more often.

There is also a movie on Father Damien but I cant remember the name or the actor who portrayed him?

Glad you got to see it Esther:).

Peace & much love to you:)

Marie xooxoxox

Anonymous said...

The name of the movie is just called 'Moloki" and the extras in the film are actual lepers from the area.


BTW thank you so much for your blog, it is always uplifting to come here.

EC Gefroh said...

Thanks Easter!

It really is Marie. The actor is David Wenham.

Suzanne, yes that is the movie: Molokai: The Story of Fr. Damien. Thank you. I'm so happy you enjoy your visits here.