Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Rosary Reflection on the Agony of the Cross

by Fr. Patrick Peyton in Rosary Prayer Book.
No one who knew Jesus, or heard Him speak, or watched miracles radiate from His compassionate power, could remain indifferent to Him. If one did not love Jesus ardently, one hated Him. Even as a Baby, He was hated by Herod who tried to murder Him; yet the Christ Child was loved by wiser men from the East. Pharisees hated Him with the cancerous malice bred of envy; the Apostles loved Him like little children. Even Judas had loved Him. And, infinitely, Jesus had loved Judas. The traitor's kiss in the Garden was more than a sign for the soldiers- it was the memorial of a dead love.

Jesus would rather be scourged by His frank enemies than be kissed by a treacherous friend. That is why my sins hurt Him more than the crimes of men who hate Him openly.


Anonymous said...


I'm so delighted to see the quotes from Fr. Peyton and to see the link for his cause on your sidebar. He has long been a favorite of mine, ever since I read his autobiography, All For Her.

His is the example I often set before my sons when we discuss discerning a vocation. What a good and holy priest! May God speed the process of his canonization.

Thanks for the reflection...

EC Gefroh said...

Kimberly, I wasn't aware of his autobio. Mahalo!