Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Protecting Our Souls

This is a continuation of the article I was writing about yesterday regarding the evils of certain television shows. Please note, that the quote attributed to St. Elizabeth Ann Seton has been removed because it could not be authenticated.

So what can we do to grow in sanctity and protect our souls from evil inclinations? The author of the article A Moral Society to A Godless Society says:
"We should replace the TV with an altar and get rid of our mountains of newspapers and magazines! These are the tools of propaganda the enemy uses to deceive event he elect."
We can use common sense when choosing what to see or read. But I think it is a good suggestion to not read certain women's magazines such glorify everything but modesty and chastity. However, just to point out about television, we are usually pretty careful about what we watch. We try to avoid shows that have sexual themes. We also watch DVD's of our favorite programs instead so as to not expose our son to the constant barrage of Cialis and Viagra commercials.

Last night I made a bad call. My son and husband were watching Mythbusters. I came along and suggested we watch Seinfeld on DVD instead. My son and husband agreed and the particular shows we watched were loaded with the theme of promiscuity, lesbianism, etc. I exposed both of them to the near occasion of sin for my selfishness. I hope I have learned my lesson. You see, be careful what shows and movies you bring into your home.
"Listen to God! Never let a day go by without doing your spiritual reading and praying the Holy Rosary. The TV, especially the commercials, is the most destructive thing that has ever been unleashed against the souls of mankind. The shepherd of the family is the father, not the TV!
What does television viewing do:

1. It is a passive sport which promotes loss of imagination;

2. It seduces ; it mesmerizes us.

3. The filth of some shows invades our homes.

4. We are afraid to interrupt the television shows by conversation

5. It is a thief that steals from us time that could be given to prayer, good works and visiting the sick.

6. It enslaves us.

What can abstinence from television viewing do:

1. We can think more clearly;

2. We can discern more correctly;

3. We will spend more time as a family, sharing, listening to each other in conversation; doing things together.

4. We will have more time to spend with God.


Easter Almuena said...

Amen! Amen! Amen!

Love this Esther! I especially like the part that encourages us to read good books instead of watching TV because good books feed the soul.

I have shared before on your blog that my children used to watch TV - about 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. I usually just let the little ones watch Sesame Street while I did chores in the house. The Lord is good indeed because one day he led me to sit down with them. Soon they were showing the segment where they sing "we are a family, my mother and my father and me. etc" As the song was being sang, they were also showing different pictures portraying a type of family. To my surprise, they showed a family of 2 dads and a boy about 5 years old. I was so angry that I decided to wean my children from television viewing, which took 2 years, but it was worth it!

Without their knowledge I shifted their energy to more reading and focusing on the Eucharist and family prayers.

Cy and CT are older now. My husband made an exception for them. They watch Monk every Friday.

Wonderful Esther! Thanks to you!

EC Gefroh said...

It is shocking! Good thing you were watching with them Easter. BTW, we love Monk. We have those on DVD.

God bless,

Lisa said...

Great post, Esther! Thank-you for your boldness in writing it! We got rid of the TV, and only watched safe videos for about a year, and recently hooked back up, and regret it! We hve DVR so we can fast forward past the commercials if we are on the ball, but it's still a vacuum of time and energy! Thank-you for drawing attention to this medium as an occasion of sin! At the very least, we must use it with extreme caution!

Marie said...

there is a surprise for you at View from the Pews.

As for TV I watch very little of it now. I rarely watch the talk shows in that most end up in disputes and bickering.

At night if I dont feel like the TV or as usual its full of rubbish and I may not feel like reading. I will watch a DVD at least that way I get to choose what I view.

Excellent post as always:)

Your loving friend,

Marie xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi Esther,

What a great post!. We are down to one television in the family room. We must either watch something together as a family or take turns.

However,I do monitor what the children are watching. And we do have plenty of wholesome DVD's.

My mom is always amazed when she visits that we just have one for television viewing. But I find that while some television viewing can be entertaining; like the Masterpiece Theatre's recent progaming of the Jane Austen series, alot of it just plain garbage, and noise which are distractions from God, needed prayer, quality family time, and time spent reading good literature and great blogs- like yours.

God Bless, Kathy

Easter Almuena said...

Monk is such a good show! I like it too! There are also many good educational shows over at National Geographic and Discover channels!

Thanks to you Esther!

Like you and Marie, I watch selected movies.


EC Gefroh said...

Lisa, thanks for commenting. My DH who I thought couldn't live w/o the TV is starting to realize what garbage it produces in our home. I regret to mention we recently upgraded to digital and now wish we hadn't. We may cancel it.

Thank you so much Marie! You are so sweet.

Kathy, we've only had one TV set in our home. We watch after 8pm as a family, usually try to keep it wholesome like old sit coms, or cooking show, science shows. My family in NJ can't believe it. Some have a TV set in almost all their rooms!

Anonymous said...

I love Monk! During Lent I gave up watching television and found myself more energized, better focused on my studies, more prayerful, family life increased, reading increased, I was happy all the time. I have decided even thou it is Easter, that I can disregard all tv (for the most part, except EWTN) for the rest of my life! Well see how I do...