Thursday, December 20, 2007

Saintly Quote

The Blessed Virgin did not speak many words. She remained silent in the adoration of her Son; she lived on the contemplation of the ineffable mystery wrought in her and through her, and from the sanctuary of her Immaculate Heart a hymn of praise and thanksgiving rose up unceasingly to God. Let us then live in recollection and try to remain closely united to our Lord.
Blessed Columba Marion (1858-1923)

Thanks Sue!


Tracy said...

that is beautiful!

Marie said...

Beautiful quote AMEN!

Thanks Esther:)

Peace, JOY & Merry Christmas:)


Divine Mercy said...


Esther said...

Glad you all liked it!

Easter A. said...

She is always my inspiration on silence and intimacy with God. How I love her!:-)

Esther said...

If only I could remember to imitate her ways every moment of my life Easter!

Easter A. said...

hahaha... you're so cute!:-)