Saturday, December 29, 2007

Feast Day of St. Thomas Becket

St. Thomas Becket
December 29 (politicians)

Gracious Father, Saint Thomas was famed for his opulence and his status as the most powerful man in England second to the king. Everything changed when he became a priest to be consecrated archbishop. He completely turned his life around and began to live piously. He was soon opposing the king to defend the Church's rights. I ask him to pray for the conversion of our politicians today. O Lord, give them motivation to turn away from the love of money and prestige and to begin serving Your kingdom more than their earthly domains. Forgive them their sins and lead them to heaven. Saint Thomas, pray for us. Amen.
From Daily Prayers With the Saints for the New Millennium by Terry Ann Modica

This would be a good time to read Murder in the Cathedral by T.S. Eliot and/or watch Becket with Richard Burton.


Anonymous said...

"Murder in the Cathedral" is, in my opinion, the finest piece of verse drama in the twentieth century. I had the chance to direct a chancel production of it on the 2nd of December. I always find it fascinating how Eliot sets the piece within a sort of liturgical framework. Anouilh's (sp?) "Becket" is pretty good, too. Have you ever read Tennyson's play of the same name?

In any case, I want to thank you for a site that is obviously quite a labor of love on your part!

Esther said...

No, I haven't. But now you piqued my interest. Thank you for visiting and for you kind comments! I hope you come back regularly :-)

Esther said...

Oh BTW, I tried commenting the following on your blog but I don't have an account.

What a wonderful experience that must have been. I wish I had seen your post earlier as I would have linked to it.