Friday, August 11, 2006

Americans will die for liberty

Hat tip to Shana!

By Andrew Gimson

(Filed: 11/08/2006)

As we took off from London for New York a few days ago, our three over-excited children asked if there was any chance of the plane being blown up. I explained that the likelihood of that happening was virtually zero, and wondered how we were going to maintain some semblance of order during the flight. One did not wish the sedate American passengers by whom we were surrounded to form the impression that British parents are unable or unwilling to impart the rudiments of good manners.

Luckily, American Airlines had provided a screen on the back of the seat in front of one's own, on which one could watch old movies. There was also a map showing how far we had gone, on which places of interest were marked. It began by showing only two places: London and Chartwell.

The Americans are more old-fashioned than us, and what is equally admirable, they are not ashamed of being old-fashioned. They know Churchill was a great man, so they put his house on the map. There is a kind of Englishman to whom this sort of behaviour seems painfully unsophisticated.
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Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. Gimson for this frank and honest article of America. We get CONSTANT negative info thrown at us from CNN, BBC, ABC, etc...that a real person's opinion from someone on the otherside is quite refreshing.
God bess you and your family,
Aloha, Lois