Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Prayer Offering My Suffering To God

Thanks again Becca!

Suffering in Holiness

O Most Loving God,

I thank You for all that You have done for me and those whom I love, including the most holy and redemptive suffering in the Jesus' passion.

I offer up all my sufferings, past, current and future, the large and the small, everyone of them to You in love for my good and the good of the world.

I ask that You bless my sufferings, curing those that You want cured and helping me bear in holiness those sufferings that I endure.

Help me to understand what Your will is for me about Suffering.

I give myself to You, mind, body, and soul. May everything I do always glorify You.



Anonymous said...

I suffer, too. It really is a great gift, one we will be rewarded for in the life to come. God will use every ounce of it, if we but allow him. God be with you,

EC Gefroh said...

Margie, yes, that is what redemptive suffering is all about. Thank you for sharing.
God bless,