Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meatless Friday Recipe - Pierogies

My goodness! I just remembered that I should have been sharing recipes for Lent!

Here is one of our family's favorite lunch time meals. In order to make it for dinner, just make more of them and add a salad and maybe soup as well.  I hope you don't think it strange that we would cook a Polish delicacy with an Asian twist. My sister first made these for me and I found them to be so yummy.

For those of you on the mainland, and especially in the New York City/northern New Jersey area, I am sure will have no problem finding authentic and delicious Pierogi.  If you live in Hawaii, you may have to make your own or settle for Mrs. T.  in the freezer section of the local supermarket.  NOTE:  I would suggest making them yourselves.  It is not difficult.  We prefer the potato and cheese one but there are many variations to try.

Since I am still on the quest to find the right dough for Pierogi I will not share my favorite recipe, because I still do not have one.  But I did find a website chock full of information on the humble but delicious Pierogi. Tasting Poland

Here is my sister's version of the Pierogi with butter and onions.

Pierogi approximately 7 or 8 large ones.  (In order to make enough for your family, or approximately 4 or 6 large ones for each person, just modify the amounts of the butter, oil and green onions) - Boil until they float and drain.
1/4 cup of chopped green onions (scallions for you in New Jersey)
2 TBSP butter (and 2 TBSP. Extra Virgin Olive Oil in order not to use so much butter especially during Lent).

Heat a large skillet and add the butter and olive oil.  Keep the skillet on medium heat.  When the butter and oil are bubbling, add the green onions and then gently place the Pierogi in a single layer on top of the butter/oil and green onions.  Cook until the Pierogi are nicely browned on the bottom and turn and brown the other side.  The green onions should also be browned but be careful not to burn them.

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